A Trip To The Moon offers an extensive range of Djeco baby toys and accessories. Djeco is an award-winning French company that produces a range of toys, puzzles, art and craft activities and decor. Beautifully illustrated, by talented artists and designers, their range is eclectic and original. With exquisite, colourful designs and timeless appeal, their range stimulates a child's creativity and imaginative play. Many of their products, including their range of boxed puzzles, are ideal keepsakes that will continue to appeal long into a child's teenage years.

Djeco 10 Funny Blocks Rigolos
Djeco 10 Magic Felt Tips
Djeco Adventure in the Woods
Djeco All Friends Mini Totems
Djeco Animal Mosaic Peg Board
Djeco Animals Moving Pictures
Djeco Animambo Calimba
Djeco Animambo Hand Drum
Djeco Animambo Handle Drum
Djeco Animambo Maraca
Djeco Animambo Metallophone
Djeco Animambo Piano
Djeco Animambo Tambourine
Djeco Animo Dice Game
Djeco Art Nouveau Workshop
Djeco Aurelia Sticker Box
Djeco Baby Maraki Rattle
Djeco Baby Piticat Cat Rattle
Djeco Baby Puzzle
Djeco Baby Rain
Djeco BabyBloki
Djeco Balancing Game Big Boum
Djeco Ballerina Music Box
Djeco Bathroom
Djeco Batmouss Arty Paper
Djeco Bingonimo Game
Djeco Bunny Blocks
Djeco Caravan House
Djeco Carriage Ride Music Box
Djeco Cascarott Stacking Toy
Djeco Castle Blocks
Djeco Castle of Wonders 3D
Djeco Cat Awards
Djeco Chateau Decals
Djeco Chez Gaby Wooden Puzzle
Djeco Children's Room
Djeco City Road Puzzle
Djeco Collage Magic Circles
Djeco Compact Kitchen
Djeco Coucou Cow Puzzle
Djeco Croc-nut Puzzle
Djeco Cubissimo
Djeco Deco Kit Paris
Djeco Deco Stickers Animals
Djeco Diamond Scratch Cards
Djeco Dining Room
Djeco Dinosaurs 100pcs Puzzle
Djeco Dinosaurs Stickers
Djeco Doll House Dogs
Djeco Domino Puzzle Animals
Djeco Dreamy Girl Mobile