Marimekko is a Finnish lifestyle design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and vibrant since 1951. Timelessness has been the cornerstone of Marimekko design ethos, their collections are well thought-out and utilise functional designs and pattern that never go out of style. A Trip to the Moon offers an extensive range of Marimekko tablewares, home decor, bathroom textiles and accessories.

Marimekko Alisa 2 Bag
Marimekko Alisa Shoulder Bag
Marimekko Annikki
Marimekko Buddy Backpack
Marimekko Cash & Carry Bag
Marimekko Flower Vase
Marimekko Flower Vase
Marimekko Flower Vase
Marimekko Flower Vase Caramel
Marimekko Ilves Mug 2,5 DL
Marimekko Ilves Plate 20cm
Marimekko Kopeekka Half Apron
Marimekko Matkuri Bag Black
Marimekko My Things Bag
Marimekko Oiva/Unikko Mug 4dl
Marimekko Peura Bowl 5DL
Marimekko Peura Mug 2.5DL
Marimekko Peura Plate 20cm
Marimekko Pieni Unikko Apron
Marimekko Pumpuli Pin Set
Marimekko Rasymatto Bowl
Marimekko Rasymatto Mug 4dl